DIY Fall wreath ($14)

The first cold snap in Louisiana is a big deal! We melt in the blazing summer heat & 97% humidity for almost 6 months of the year, praying for football season and cooler temps. And then it happens. The first cool front moves in and it is FINALLY 70 degrees! Everybody pulls out their boots, scarves, & Patagonia’s and the place gets a little crazy. A 5 mph breeze picks up and the line at Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes goes around the block, as temps rise back into the mid 80s. It is a time for joyful celebration when we don’t have to sit in a puddle of sweat all day. We folks down here in southern Louisiana love some chilly weather :) BRING IT ON AUTUMN!

Alright so a little backstory about the wreath. My amazing boyfriend recently moved down here from Nashville and is renting the cutest little shotgun house (wikipedia “shotgun house” for all you non Louisianians) that he lets me decorate. Well decorate I do! Like a mad woman! Living at home with my parents (6 houses away mind you) has given me quite the house itch. Pinterest doesn’t help either. Needless to say, I have a lot of pent up home decorating anxiety that I am finally able to fulfill! Cheers to that sisters.

Supplies: (all purchased at Hobby Lobby but any craft store should work)

1) Grapevine wreath- 18″ medium size  ($4.99- used my 40% off coupon from the HL app)


2) 3 floral stems of autumn colored branches ($3.99 each– usually are on sale 50% off) I couldn’t find a pic online and forgot to take pics of the before part, but you can look at the close up pics below for a better idea

3) 1 floral stem of “Berry spray” in any fall color ($6.99 each –usually on sale 50% off)


4) a pack of floral wire or brown pipe cleaners ($1)


5) 1 felt rectangle ($.25)


6) piece of scrap fabric, ribbon, or burlap (I had this lying around)

7) needle and thread

8) scissors

9) acrylic paint or stamp


1) Lay wreath on the ground, shape one wheat floral stem with the curve of the wreath, secure by wrapping the floral wire around the stem and connecting to the wreath in 3 places, repeat for all 3 wheat floral branches

2) Cut the berry clusters off of the berry floral stem (should be able to produce 7 clusters from one branch), be sure to leave a little bottom stem on each cluster

3) Secure each berry cluster in place with floral wire in the spaces the wheat branches did not fill, you can wrap the wire around the berries, it should slide in between the berries and stay hidden

4) Cut 4 triangles out of the felt piece, paint or stamp letters of your choice on each triangle

5) Thread a needle so that one tail is longer than the other, take the first triangle and stick the needle through the FRONT left corner, cross over on the backside, and stick the needle through the back opposite corner and pull up through to the front, repeat for each triangle, make no knots

6) At the end of threading your flag, you should see no front string on the triangles, just the string connecting each, the triangles should be able to slide easily on the string

7) Now, temporarily hang the wreath or have someone hold it and secure the string by tying it to the wreath. It is important for the wreath to be hanging so that you can see the desired arch of the flag banner before you tie it on.

8) Once you are finished with your flag banner, make a large bow, and secure it by wrapping a piece of floral wire around the center, twist once in the back, and secure to the wreath.

9) Find a fantastic looking door, hang it on a nail, then step back and sip on that pumpkin spice latte and enjoy whatever fall temperature your part of the world has, be it 71 degrees or 41.

Happy fall y’all!

Good luck and happy crafting. Let me know if you have any questions and i’ll do my best to help :)





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