Vinegar, your new BFF- 25 things you never knew vinegar could do!

So my mom came home with this book about vinegar recently and I simply could not believe the stuff it can do. Here are some of my favorite things I learned that I really want to share with everyone!

  1. Lighten freckles by rubbing on full strength vinegar (not facial freckles)
  2. Condition dry hair, add shine, fight dandruff with a rinse after shampooing. Who knew?
  3. Use as a face toner and astringent for breakouts.
  4. Soak feet in need of help (spent too much time chasing your kid? maybe a fungus is among us? jungle foot anyone?)
  5. Get rid of bad breath and whiten teeth.
  6. Help nail polish stay longer (wipe cotton ball of vinegar before painting nails)
  7. Clean cutting board with full strength vinegar. The acid in vinegar cleans germs without the chemicals of spray cleaner. (take THAT you FDA!)
  8. Get rid of a stinky dishwasher & soap buildup
  9. Clean your entire bathroom using vinegar. Can get rid of bathtub rings, icky stuff growing on shower grout, mold, toilet rings, soap buildup on faucets AND kill germs while making everything pretty and sparkly :)
  10. Remove clothing stains, pet stains, carpet stains, upholstery stains, clumsy stains, ANY stains
  11. Make endless homemade cleaners (including furniture polish, window spray, disinfectant etc)
  12. Adding vinegar to your washing machine cycle keeps darks from fading, makes colors brighter, as well as keeps them from bleeding during washing
  13. Get rid of gross yellow armpit stains in your cute white shirts
  14. Clean any leather (those dirty cowboy boots, your new SUV seats, your dad’s pants from the 80s etc)
  15. Relieve sore throats, help treat common colds, soothe a cough, improve sinuses, make you see with xray vision and fly….
  16. Relieve bloating and toot pains as well as nausea
  17. Speaking of toots, adding vinegar to beans when cooking will help prevent little kids from singing “beans, beans, good for your heart….” if ya know what I mean
  18. Stop itching and pain from insect bites, poison ivy, sunburn and jelly fish stings (perfect for this time of year)
  19. Vinegar baths: clears up body breakouts and may cure/prevent yeast infections (using water and vinegar directly on a yeast infection may also do the trick- but i aint no docta, just relaying book info)
  20. Feeling chubby? Mix apple cider vinegar & honey into a cup of water or unsweetened grapefruit juice… they say it helps suppress appetite and makes ya feel good and alive!
  21. Kill those weeds & unwanted grass patches that are growing in sidewalk cracks with pure vinegar. Will also ward off ants. And cats…? But seriously, cats.
  22. Keep car windows frost free overnight in the winter by coating with vinegar and water solution (this doesn’t apply to you fellow Louisiana folk)
  23. Dogs love vinegar too: applying a vinegar/water solution makes for a shiny coat, may assist in healing skin infections and gets rid of that smell they got rolling in trash. Adding a little vinegar to their drinking water may also rid them of fleas.
  24. Add vinegar to salads and dressings for a tasty treat!
  25. Just for fun: Make a raw egg bounce without breaking!!! Let the raw egg sit in vinegar for 2 days, rinse it off and bounce away. Hahah uhh what?!  **WARNING- i have not tried this yet. Don’t blame me for the mess you’re probably about to make**

The book has 400 uses for vinegar. I’ve just scratched the surface. Go buy.

Vinegar by Vicki Lansky


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