DIY No sew fringe Tshirt tote bag

Today, I present to you: the easiest tote bag ever made!

This very cute, SUPER easy & ridiculously cheap tshirt tote bag tutorial is actually a spin off on an email that the Gap sent out recently. However, they weren’t very thorough in their directions. Hopefully I can fix that and you will have a new, stylish bag 10 minutes from now. Here we go!

What you will need: 

  • Tshirt (solid or print is fine) **I used a kids L by mistake and my bag ended up being more of a handbag, so I recommend an adult L if you want to put anything more than your iphone in it
  • Scissors 

How to: 

  1. Lay your tshirt flat, cut off the neck band, the bottom seam and the sleeves. (Precious puppy is optional)
  2. Cut from the bottom up about 5″-8″ long, 3/4″ wide strips all the way across the width of the shirt (cut depending on the variation of fringe you want
  3. Pull each of the strips down to turn them into little noodle looking things 
  4. Tie the matching front and back strips together in double knots. Tie all.
  5. Now you want to cut the neck hole of the shirt into a deeper scoop (If you are thinking what I am thinking, this would make SUCH a cute top! That may be my next DIY!).
  6. Cut the top of the shoulders so that you now have 4 straps to work with.
  7. Tie the left front shoulder to the right front shoulder (think “halter top”). Do the same for the back. 
  8. You now have a tote bag! Make any additional cuts or changes to the scoop of the “neck” until you are satisfied with the look of your bag.

The end :) Enjoy!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of a non-kids size one in use.


11 thoughts on “DIY No sew fringe Tshirt tote bag

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  3. I made one of these and they were so easy and cute!! Now I’m holding a workshop at my library teaching people how to make it too! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial.

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