Thrift your wardrobe

It is a rare day for me to buy clothes not on sale. I know that it takes a certain personality to be a “digger” but if that is you, keep reading. Or if you are just looking to change your spending habits and save some money on clothes while still looking fashionable, keep reading!

I absolutely love browsing thrift stores and finding simple, cute items to add to my wardrobe. I can’t even count the amount of items in my closet that I paid less than $4 for. Moreover, most of my FAVORITE items are the one-of-a-kinds that came from thrift stores.

The idea of digging may give you anxiety, but there is actually a method to the madness that can possibly help put you at ease.

Tips for digging

Look for

  • colors
  • textures and nice fabrics
  • patterns
  • vintage

Avoid looking at

  • every single item
  • colors you aren’t interested in
  • fabrics you aren’t interested in
  • brands

For example: You’re looking for  a cream colored, light/airy, long sleeved button down blouse. Head to the blouses section. Sometimes they are organized by size, other times by color. Sometimes, they aren’t organized at all… DON”T PANIC! Start looking at colors, patterns and textures. It’s ok to look at just the top of the hangers, you don’t even have to necessarily flip through the clothes. Chances are, you’ll find something similar to what you’re looking for. It may not always be the same color or texture or shape, but stumbling upon a coral long sleeved silk blouse could make up for the loss! KEEP AN OPEN MIND!

Below are some summer finds I love. Hopefully they will offer up some inspiration to you.

Yellow flowy tank- Goodwill $3.50

Vintage plaid shirt- Goodwill $2.99

Jean dress- Goodwill $4.50

A lot of simple items found at thrift stores can easily be jazzed up with chunky jewelry or a pretty belt. Buying inexpensive items eliminates the burden of “investment” additions. Being an extremely clumsy person, I tend to spill a lot. While i’m not spilling colorful liquids on myself, i’m usually being splattered with craft paint. So taking a second mortgage on my future home for the price of a brand new designer dress i’ll probably “add character to” is not an option for me.

My personal favorite spot, Goodwill. They are in pretty much every city and always have an abundance of clothes to browse through. There may be an overwhelming amount of clothes in some Goodwills, so before you go, remember what you are looking for. Skip the tshirts, blazers, shoes, man jeans, and dresses section if you are just looking for a sleeveless top and high wasted shorts.

Good luck hunting and get SO excited for your bank account to flourish!

2 thoughts on “Thrift your wardrobe

  1. You forgot to mention the option of showing up when your friends are cleaning out their closets. Guarantee to find some real treasures. PS I will be cleaning out my closet next weekend. Are you available?

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