Revamp Your Lamp

So I have a small obsession with lighting. I love lamps and soft track lighting. Good lighting can make all the difference in the world!

Alight, so i’m sure you have an outdated lamp lying around your house or even worse, not enough lamps! Or maybe you’ve recently passed a pretty lamp base in a thrift store with a horrible shade but you don’t feel like spending $45 on a new, designer shade. Hopefully I can help you, or at the very least inspire you to fix that lighting problem!

What you’ll need: (depending on what you have)

  1. Old lamp shade. (I am using one my mom bought from Goodwill for $4. Not crazy about the base, but i’m gonna go with it anyways!)
  2. Acrylic craft paint colors of your choice. (Hobby Lobby, $.99)
  3. Paintbrush. (I used a filbert brush i had lying around that is about half an inch wide, but anything will do)
  4. (Optional) Spray paint. (You can use this if your current shade is crazy colors or patterns and you would like to prime it before painting it OR you can use a cool color and spray paint the base for added appeal)
Pattern ideas: chevron, bright abstract messy flowers, stencil letters, cursive words, monogram letters
The options for colors and patterns are endless, be open to anything!

What to do:

  1. Depending on what you want your finished lampshade to look like, pick out a color to prime it with. I picked white. (Priming it simply means making the surface solid in color, usually white, to make life easier on you when you go to paint patterns and designs. It also allows you to use less paint for coverage)
  2. PIck out the pattern, design and colors you want to use, and get started! I found paisley patterns in a pottery barn catalogue to spark inspiration and then just went with it.
  3. If you want to keep the bordered edge free of paint, just be careful or use painting tape to protect it while you’re painting

You can do ANYTHING you want to! It’s your lamp shade and the options are endless. Also, never ever be afraid of painting. You can always go back and paint over the things you don’t like or start over as many times as you’d like. That’s the fantastic thing about painting! Survey says that when it comes to painting, people are most afraid of putting paint down….. JUST DO IT! And have fun :)


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