DIY glass magnets

I made these for a Christmas gift and they came out SO cute! Best part, You can put ANYTHING on them.

Ideas: school mascots, inside joke words, lyrics, music notes, facial features (eyes, lips, etc)

What you’ll need:

  1. A bag of glass stones (the kind that go in a fish bowl or a vase- $1 for a bag at the Dollar Tree)
  2. Enamel paint ($1.50 per bottle at hobby lobby) or paint pens (these are more expensive, but awesome! I love deco color and tree house brands)
  3. A sheet or roll of heavy magnet squares (This can be a little expensive, so ordering online may be a good idea. Be sure to purchase heavy enough magnets because if they are too thin they won’t be strong enough to hold the glass pieces to a fridge. looks like a good one
  4. Rubbing alcohol
  5. Hot glue gun/glue OR superglue


  1. Prep your glass stones with alcohol (I used a cotton ball to wipe them, but anything will work). This is important because any dirt or oil on the glass will prevent the paint from sticking.
  2. Paint on the glass stones with different colors, patterns, words, whatever you want!
  3. Once you are finished painting and the paint has dried, put all of the stones on a cookie sheet and into a cold oven. Turn the oven on bake at 350 degrees.
  4. When the oven beeps letting you know the oven has been preheated, set your timer for 15 minutes. When 15 minutes are up, turn the oven off and wait for it to cool. This takes a while. You can even crack the oven a little bit if you want to cool it faster.
  5. Take the glass stones out of the over, CAREFUL they will be hot!
  6. Finally, get your glue ready and glue magnets on the back of each stone. Be sure to test one before you do all of them to make sure the magnet is strong enough. Most magnets will come with an adhesive backing, but i highly recommend gluing for extra durability.
***NOTE: If you choose to use any other stone or object for your base, you do not need to bake them. You can simply paint them and glue the magnets to the back. The only reason you need to bake the glass ones is because enamel paint needs to be “set” on glass to avoid chipping.


That’s all there is to it! Get as creative as you can and have fun with it. These make for great presents. I put mine in  a drawstring mesh bag instead of in a box and it looked adorable. Also, don’t be afraid to sub the glass stones for something else. For instance, smooth river rocks (also $1 at the Dollar Tree or Walmart) work wonderful and you DON’T need to bake them which is a lot less time consuming.

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